Rattan Bags

Rattan bags are everywhere these days.

Whether or not if you are planning to take off in a sunny tropical island, or staying in sunny Singapore, these rattan bags are the new must-haves in your possesion!

The traditional straw colour with patterns for something more fun!

This unique white piece has intricate details in the centre to stand out from the rest!

Exchange with a simple white/brown rattan bag for a simple, classic look.

Pick them up today!

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So stretchy you’ll love it

Who doesn’t love stretchy pants? These stretchable jeans are so easy to pair your outfit with and so comfy! If you haven’t gotten one in your wardrobe, it’s time to get a pair now!


Banding pants

Graphic tees every IT girl will be wearing

Graphic tees are the best go-to, the perfect staple piece in every girl’s wardrobe.  It’s the most relaxing and comfortable tee you can own, whether you’re lounging at home, or heading out to a party.

Here’s what every IT girl will be wearing this summer:

Bling Spangled Tee

Stand out from the crowd with this sequin embroidered graphic tee.

Graphic Tank Dress Graphic Tank Top

Graphic tanks are perfect for hot summer days!

Undiscovered Graphic Tee

You can pair graphic tees with certainly anything! Our favourite would be to match it with a pair of wide legged jeans or denim shorts. If you currently don’t own any graphic tees, we would suggest getting one now!

Not sure which type of shades suit you?

The right pair of sunglasses will enhance your best features, frame your face, and highlight the rest of your outfit. Find the perfect fit for your face shape.

Round Face- No sharply-defined jawlines or pointed chins, with a soft, feminine look to them.

Frame that suits you:

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer; perfect for elongating round faces

Oval Face- The perfect face shape, oval faces are slightly narrower than they are wide, with no jutting-out cheekbones or jawlines

Frame that suits you:

Any and all – those with an oval face can get away with almost every pair of sunglasses. Aviators, Rubber Sunglasses, Round Sunglasses

Square Face- With an angular bone structure, think a wider jawline – the same width as the hairline.

Frame that suits you:  

Ray-Bans with a curved shape are ideal for those with a square face – frames with rounder lenses, such as Aviators

Heart Face- Wider across the cheeks with a narrower chin

Frame that suits you:

Aviator frame looks good on most people, but it works best on a heart-shaped face, drawing attention to prominent facial features