Fitted tops

This fitted knit top shows off your figure yet not too revealing.  We would pair it with a body hugging skirt or tailored pants to perfect the look.

Beige and dark blue are classy staple colour that you would like to have in your basic wardrobe!

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Chic Styles From “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” To Inspire Your Office Look

If you have not watched Whats wrong with secretary kim, you probably should! It’s a highly raved romantic comedy.

The main actress Kim Mi So looks so elegant and perfect in the show- Neatly tied up pony tail , long sleeve blouse matched with fitted pencil skirt and heels.

Here are some items that are inspired by her dressing!

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Figure Flattering Ways to Wear a Bodycon Dress

Body hugging dresses are normally worn by the women with perfect figure. It’s a dress clinging to your figure and revealing your shape.  However, it’s not common to have a model like figure and everyone can pull off a body con dress as long as the have these tips in mind!


If you are worried that your tummy would show in Bodycon dresses  , wear one with stripes or prints! Don’t opt for prints that are too large. Large prints tend to make you look heavier.



Choose Fabrics that are firm enough to hold on the plump areas on your body without forming any extra bulges., instead of sheer ones.


Necklines can play a significant role in forming a balanced look. Opt for a deep neckline to divert the attention from abdominal and it gives the illusion of height.


Wear heels to lengthen your look!

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