Monday Blues

The only kind of blues you need on a Monday!

Comfy and stylish ripped jeans to get you through the day!

Brighten up your monday with this bright blue dress!

Dress better, feel better! Shop these looks today:

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Two-Piece Sets

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you have absolutely no idea what to wear and you just feel so lazy and tired to think about it?

Well, that’s what two piece sets are here for! Just throw them on and not worry about the outfit not matching.

Easy peasy! Lazy days, here we come!

Get them today:

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Check Mate!

The current obsession in fashion – Checks! The checkered print is a classic and has made a comeback in the past few months of 2018. It is almost to the end of the year, yet they show no signs of checking out from the trend!

Furthermore, the checkered print is taking over for the autumn season!

They come in all shapes and colours, which create different looks altogether (as seen below).

Check them out today! 😉

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Layer Player

Want to wear a dress but feeling cold?

Or just feeling a lil’ shy to reveal your skin?

#Layers is the way to go!

Playing with layers is a way you girls can unleash your creativity and find new ways to mix things up and discover new styles!

You can pair them with a sleeveless or short sleeve top for the summer, or a turtleneck long sleeve and leggings for colder seasons.

Wearable and versatile for all seasons!

These dresses are great for layering! Get inspired and check them out today 🙂


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Polkadots are back in trend!

Everyone is going dotty over it!

This season, don’t be afraid to experiment with polkadot prints! You can play around with size, colour and texture of the prints to pull off different looks and feel.

Here are some simple pieces you can try out:

Ruffled Sleeve and Hem Polkadots Dress

If you are looking for something suited more for the office, small prints on a clean silhouette are the best option.

Or if you are looking for a statement piece, you can try out bolder colours.

On top of the basics, you can also take a look at these pieces with a twist. The side slit detail allows plenty of space for you to twirl around in this dreamy polkadot skirt.

A bigger polkadots print makes the piece more eye-catching. Also, the centre slit adds an interesting detail to the outfit. Pair it with a simple plain top and you’re good to go!

So go on and have fun! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try out new styles!

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Oversized style

Strawberry Milk Tee Neon Tee

Oversized clothes are all in trend in Korea now!

These sweat suits are so comfy. You could sleep in them.  It’s also great for a lazy weekend lounging at home.

So stretchy you’ll love it

Who doesn’t love stretchy pants? These stretchable jeans are so easy to pair your outfit with and so comfy! If you haven’t gotten one in your wardrobe, it’s time to get a pair now!


Banding pants