Chic Styles From “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” To Inspire Your Office Look

If you have not watched Whats wrong with secretary kim, you probably should! It’s a highly raved romantic comedy.

The main actress Kim Mi So looks so elegant and perfect in the show- Neatly tied up pony tail , long sleeve blouse matched with fitted pencil skirt and heels.

Here are some items that are inspired by her dressing!

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How to wear red and white for Singapore National Day

Red Skirt

Singapore celebrates her 53rd  birthday since gaining independence on August 9th.  And the simplest way patriotic individuals are going to show their love is to be dressed in the nation’s flag colours, red and white.

This H- Line midi skirt is casual and chic. Pair it with a white tee shirt and you can enjoy your National day holiday in this comfortable outfit!


Flared Hem Side Zipper Skirt

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Shop the look

Not sure which type of shades suit you?

The right pair of sunglasses will enhance your best features, frame your face, and highlight the rest of your outfit. Find the perfect fit for your face shape.

Round Face- No sharply-defined jawlines or pointed chins, with a soft, feminine look to them.

Frame that suits you:

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer; perfect for elongating round faces

Oval Face- The perfect face shape, oval faces are slightly narrower than they are wide, with no jutting-out cheekbones or jawlines

Frame that suits you:

Any and all – those with an oval face can get away with almost every pair of sunglasses. Aviators, Rubber Sunglasses, Round Sunglasses

Square Face- With an angular bone structure, think a wider jawline – the same width as the hairline.

Frame that suits you:  

Ray-Bans with a curved shape are ideal for those with a square face – frames with rounder lenses, such as Aviators

Heart Face- Wider across the cheeks with a narrower chin

Frame that suits you:

Aviator frame looks good on most people, but it works best on a heart-shaped face, drawing attention to prominent facial features